We also make souveniers and we create pottery on your request and idea. Some of our clients are municipalities. For them, we usually make mugs, ashtrays, brandy bottles with the town name and city emblem on them which are later given to the quests and foreigners who visit them. Also, if you have a company and you need some original and quality product for marketing purposes feel free to contact us. We are different from the other manufactures because we don't use screen print, everything is done in graving or in decoration. Quite often we are hired to make gift products for various festivities like wine festivals, village celebrations, and so on. For each of the occasion we try do come up with something unique and original and that is why the old customers keep coming back. Part of our work is also making something unique for our customers on the basis of their ideas, sketches and designs. Sometimes it's the most fun, and challenging work. List of our work goes on and on. Pots of different sizes, mugs, bowls with painting and text that you asked for, we drew on tiles, make unique lamps for backyard, molded children feet into raw clay and then the parents have a nice ornament in the hallway etc... List is really long, and we hope that the list will be even longer, more interesting and more colourful.

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